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PCSing in less than a week...

"Live a little, be a gypsy get around.
Get your feet up off the ground.
Live a little, get around."
-Paul McCartney, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

We are less than a week away from PCSing from North Carolina to South Carolina. I don't know why this move out of all the other moves we've done is so dang stressful. I've moved from the west coast to the Northeast by myself as a newlywed. I've moved from the Northeast to Hawaii by myself with a newborn. I even signed our lease for our apartment here in North Carolina by myself with a toddler and a power of attorney. And here we are, three years later moving one state down with my husband to help on both ends and I'm having an absolute panic attack.
Every time we are about to move, I envision it going like the last scene in Thirteen Going on Thirty with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.

They are adorable. The pink house, the couch in the lawn, cuddling on it and laughing... I've never had the movers put my cou…

3 months down

Here is my follow-up post on my partial molar pregnancy. All in all, I had the best possible outcome with a molar pregnancy: no complications and my numbers went down quickly.

Things I've heard a lot of throughout this whole process: "At least it happened early in the pregnancy.""At least you have 3 healthy boys to focus on.""You can try again soon.""I'm sure those complications won't happen to you; don't worry about it.""My friend who miscarried just gave birth to a beautiful baby." Sometimes it felt like as soon as I talked about the molar pregnancy or answered questions about what a molar pregnancy is, people would rush to assure me that it was all going to be fine or not to worry about it or that we will get pregnant soon. While talking with my doctor, he told me that the chances of me having the more serious complications of a partial molar pregnancy (read "Molar pregnancy") were very low because of how qu…

5-years old

5-years old is a fun age. I know our oldest has only been five for a handful of weeks now, but I've loved every minute of it. Is this what people have meant by it gets easier? (And it only took 5 years! Not including 9 months of pregnancy!)

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being a stay-at-home mom. I love spending every day with my kids and helping them through each milestone, kissing every boo-boo, wiping away every tear, scaring away all the monsters, and going on countless backyard adventures. Every momma knows that there are easy stages and hard stages. 5 years old has proven to be one of those stages that feels like a fun adventure, glittered with childhood imagination and peppered with mysteries to solve and experiments to conduct. I love it.

D's imagination at 5 has just taken off. He's always been big on costumes and pretend play, but now we have elaborate plots and various "rules." I love when he pipes up from the backseat, "Hey, Momma! Wa…

Asthma, STA-21, commissioning, and PCSing-- Yikes!

Are you there, blog? It's me, Kimber.

It has been awhile since my last blog post and what a summer it has been!

Our asthmatic toddler had a flair up 3 weeks after we weaned him off Pulmicort under our doctor's guidance. He hadn't had any flair ups and we wanted to see if he still needed daily medication in the summer months, as he is two-years old and is still considered to have "reactive airways." He caught croup which became bronchitis. We landed in the ER, following up with our pediatrician who thankfully followed up with us over the phone as well. Poor little guy was on Orapred in July, back on twice daily Pulmicort doses via nebulizer, and, during the flair up, Albuterol every 3-4 hours. We are keeping him on twice daily doses for 3 weeks before considering to wean him down to once a day, what he was on from May to the beginning of July. We've also considered Singulair. We'll see. I'm going to go in and talk to our pediatrician again before we mo…