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My daily plan

Our schedule has seriously made a world of difference. To go from 45 minute (max) sleep stretches to a full night's sleep (7 pm to 6:30 am) is... is there a word? My mind feels like it is actually connected to my body. I remember things. My eyes aren't black and baggy. I don't have a glazed expression and I can remember where I live. Conversations with friends don't involve strange looks (Me: "How old is he?" Her: "6 months." Me: "Aw! How old is he?" Her: glare). I drive to Target and not only remember what I wanted to buy, but I also remember that I have a list in my purse.

With a full night's sleep to look forward to every night, we got a puppy. He sort of fell in to the family. I've heard from a lot of people that I was crazy (in a joking manner) and that I was crazy (in a serious manner). Animal people get it: I love having L to cuddle with after the babies go to sleep for the night, to sit with me during feedings, or to bounce…