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Try to see it my way

We have decided to undertake the potty training beast, the beast being the task of potty training, though our preschooler could actually be the beast. After all, don't beasts use the woods instead of the restroom? D would be fine with that. I went to Target and bought a variety of underwear, 2 packs of the extra thick Gerber training pants, 2 packs of the waterproof training pant covers, and 1 pack of the 2-in-1 waterproof training pants with covers already on. Then we went to the party store and bought a pack of pirate treasure chest favor boxes, a pack of gold coins, a treasure chest coin bank, and 4 bags of chocolate gold coins. The coins we call "gold dubloons," of course. His favorite show right now is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Here's the plan: we are going to give him, for now, a chocolate gold dubloon from the treasure chest coin bank (I haven't assembled the party favor boxes yet, but the coin bank is sturdier) everytime he uses to potty. We are foc…

One and one and one is three

June 10th blog from our family website:

The babies were 8 weeks old yesterday, 2 months. On one hand, I cannot believe that they are already 2 months old. On the other, what a busy two months! When they turned one month old, I wrote a blog about what has been essential to our day-to-day life. They were: my stroller, Itzbeen timer, Purex 3-in-1 washer dryer sheets, the diaper caddy, Munchkin formula holder, our Pack'n'Play, and the Boppy pillow. This past month we pretty much use the same things, but differently.

1. STROLLER: Our stroller still is what gets us from the van to the house and back out again, but now I take the babies everywhere! We go to the park almost everyday. I roll that thing over the grass, the bark chips at the park, gravel, and the sand on the side of the road (not like at the beach, haven't tried it out there yet). We go to the mall, out to lunch, and take walks. D uses his standing board all the time and the stroller maneuvers everywhere we take it.…