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Days like yesterday

 When I think about the word "motherhood," I envision a woman wearing a beautiful house dress, dinner in the oven, children riding bikes out front. I see nightly bubble baths, ironed polo shirts, silhouette pictures of children, knee-high socks, and silk bows. At the center of the warm buzzing environment of the home is a woman who knows what she's doing and can get a stain out of anything.

And then there is me. Days like yesterday exhaust me. Both of the babies are teething. They don't want to nap at their normal time, which makes them so tired in the evening that they scream until bedtime. Their appetites come and go. (People always tell me when I say this, "Well, it's not like they are going to starve themselves!" I know. But can I tell you how frustrating it is when I know they are crying because they are hungry and yet the refuse to eat? It is very difficult to comfort two hungry babies.) What is even more work than teething babies? One three-y…

Eleven months old, looking back: twins, mini van, & breastfeeding

 In one month the babies will be one-year olds. Where has the time gone? I remember when we went to my first OBGyn appointment and they did a first trimester ultrasound. We were in an ultrasound room, watching the image projected on the wall. As soon as my womb was found, there was the image of two little circles nuzzled next to each other. The ultrasound tech, the doctor, myself, and my husband were silent for a moment. Our two-year old stared at the image on the wall, unaware that two little people were about to make their way into our lives. The doctor cleared his throat before he said something that I don't remember word for word, but was basically, "There are two babies in there." My husband and I were dazed and excited. Leaving the appointment I showed everyone in the lobby our ultrasound, "We are having twins! Look, two!" In the car we called our friends and family, texting pictures of the ultrasound to our disbelieving relatives. My husband would …

Family vacation to the Poconos

My parents let us use their timeshare for a week. We went to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for a low-key, relaxing family vacation. With plenty of room to stretch out and beautiful views, it was the perfect vacation for active little boys! Thank you, Mom and Dad!
Our Master Suite. I tried getting a picture of all the boys on our big bed, but I couldn't get them all to hold still!
Second Master Bedroom D had his own master suite. We laughed every night seeing our three-year old snuggle right into the middle of the King bed. He sleeps like a starfish!
"The Babies' Wing" We brought two Pack'N'Plays for the babies and set them up in the larger bedroom. They had an attached bathroom-- complete with a shower-- that was pretty handy for diaper changes. They loved crawling down the hall in the morning to see what D was up to.
"The Laundry Wing" Down the hallway is the fourth bedroom, the smallest. We used it as a luggage room. D called it "Granny's…