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Cloth diapering a toddler

Well, cloth diapering has been different than I thought it would be. I tried to approach cloth diapering with an open mind, knowing that it was something that we were dedicated to. So, with that said, our cloth diapering journey has been full of ups and downs and lots of learning.

Cloth diapering tips
My first recommendation when cloth diapering is to find a local baby store that carries cloth diapers. This was such a great resource to me, beyond just having a local business to support with my cloth diaper purchases. A lot of local baby stores hold cloth diapering classes. This was informative to me because it discussed all the different types of cloth diapers for all the different ages and stages as well as how wash routines for each of those as well. This is also where I went every time I needed to troubleshoot our cloth diapering routine.

My second recommendation-- and one that may be harder to support-- is having a cloth friendly pediatrician. Our kids have all been extremely pro…

7 years of car seats

Do what really stinks? Car seat shopping. You ask online, "Hey, what car seats do you recommend?" And suddenly you are flooded with comments, "We bought the ExpensiveGoldPlated seat deluxe because we just really thought our child's safety was worth the investment. We are so glad we didn't go with GenericAffordableSeatYouAreLookingAt because it would have said we don't care about the well being of our child." It is hard. The prices for each car seat vary drastically and it is hard to tell with each seat whether you are paying for safety or brand name or styling. Obviously as parents we care about the safety of our children; it just is nice to know what is actually worth the money.
Before I go any further on car seats we have owned and currently own, here is an excellent link from Consumer Reports on which car seats are safest: Best Car Seat Buying Guide by Consumer Reports. I loved that article when I read it. It was so refreshing to see in side by side…