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Potty training twins: Part 3 {Treats}

The sage continues. We are now potty training both our toddlers.

You can check out my previous potty training posts here: Potty training twins: Part 1 {No plan}Potty training twins: Part 2 {The next step} We've been potty training one of our toddlers, C, for 22 days now. His twin brother decided this past weekend that he wanted to potty train as well. We are on day 5 of potty training O. The first couple days of potty training both toddlers were crazy. It almost felt like C regressed some when O started potty training. In my previous posts, we were considering potty training C for overnight. We aren't exactly sure of the approach we want to take on nights right now. Both toddlers are waking up with somewhat wet diapers-- not really, really wet, but still a little wet. Here are the three options I'm considering for potty training them on nights:

1. Training underwear and waterproof training pants.
I feel like this is the most aggressive approach, the one to really get them …

Potty training twins: Part 2 {The next step}

So our very first day of potty training our twin boys was February 6th. I wrote this blog post four days later: "Potty training twins: Party 1 {no plan}." This is part 2, day 18 of potty training.

Potty training our eager toddler C has been good-- actually, almost easy; I think because he really wants to potty train. When I potty trained our oldest, I was very stressed leaving the house with him in underwear. I had a system and a fully loaded diaper bag, ready for every possible scenario. The other day I decided to take the boys to lunch. I made it halfway into the restaurant when I remembered that I didn't have a diaper bag with me (I usually leave the diaper bag in the car since our twins are now toddlers). I took the boys back to the car and scoured around the van trying to find a change of clothes and some spare diapers in case of an accident. I feel like it has been one of those times of what you do with your first child compared to what you do with your second child…

Expect the unexpected

We've been juggling a lot over here at our house this past week. One of our twin toddlers, C, has decided that now is the time he wants to potty train (read "Potty training twins: part 1 {No plan}"). We started this past Thursday. By Saturday, our other toddler, O, had a major asthma flare up. We were worried for awhile that we would need to take him to the children's hospital, but we managed to make it through the weekend. He had come down with a cold a couple weeks ago that he just wasn't shaking. I had actually taken him to the pediatrician on Thursday because, while the cold wasn't affecting his breathing, it was alarming because it made his chest sound... wet? I don't know, that's what it sounded like to me. Anyways, we left the pediatrician appointment feeling good about heading into the weekend, a follow-up appointment scheduled for the next week if the cold still hadn't left. As it happens with toddlers, things changed for us quickly. He s…

Potty training twins: part 1 {No plan}

As a mother to three children with another on the way, I know the importance of planning. As a mother of twins, I know the importance of planning. And now, as a mother to children growing more and more independent each day, I'm learning the importance of going with the flow, trying things out, and seeing where life takes us-- essentially, throwing out the plan and flying by the seat of our pants.

We have already potty trained one child. I wrote three blog posts about the experience:
Try to see it my wayWhy not?Follow-up on potty training With him, he really didn't want to potty train. He liked diapers and was fine with how things were going. As his parents, we were the ones ready to be done with diapers. If you read the blog posts on potty training D, you know that he was ready to potty train and capable to do so. The thing that I liked about potty training him was that he was ready and so when we finally did it, we were able to do days, nights, naptime, out and about... It all…