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Why do I feed our toddlers?

Today as I was scraping ANOTHER plate of food into the trash can, I thought, "Why do I even make the toddlers plates of food?" So here we go!

10 reasons why I make our toddlers plates of food:

1. I worry that they have run out of things to throw and like to supply them with materials.

2. We like to "pretend" lunch. Oh, look, here is a plate of food for you to pretend to eat! Wasn't that fun?

3. It is a habit and old habits die hard. For some reason, I just can't stop setting out a plate for each of them that I then put food on.

4. I enjoy doing dishes.

5. I enjoy scrubbing mashed sweet potatoes out of the cracks of the high chairs.

6. I enjoy the after breakfast bath to get syrup from the "pancake hats" out of their hair.

7. The dog is hungry and the only way for him to eat is bite by bite from our toddlers' spoons.

8. I've run out of things to argue with them over and I like hearing myself tell them to "just try a bite!" Try it,…