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Unexpected encouragement

This might very well be my most random post, but it comes from a very honest place. Lately I've felt tired. I mean it-- straight up, worn out, used up, nothing left, another day?, tired. I've felt that the boys go day after day fighting the same fights, getting in the same trouble, picking on each other in the same ways, keeping me going and going and going without rest day after day after day. And those minutes I steal for myself-- taking a shower, sipping my coffee-- are interrupted by screaming and fighting and rule breaking.

I want to tell the toddler who comes in my bathroom when I'm trying to put a little make up on my face, "You wouldn't have a fat lip if you weren't jumping on the couch in the first place!"

I want to tell our 5-year old, "Your brothers wouldn't be screaming if you didn't bring that toy in here in the first place! You know that toy isn't supposed to be left down."

And why does the dog always have to go to the…

Mommy sick day

Sick day? As a stay at home mom? Hahahahahaahahaha!

We've caught a couple small colds this year, but nothing serious or long until this past weekend. Saturday we all felt fine. Sunday I woke up with a miserable cold. I'm not sure how much truth is in this, but I feel like colds hit me hard when I'm pregnant. In any case, this one definitely knocked me off my feet. The toddlers just had drippy noses, though we could tell they weren't feeling well by how long they slept. Our 5-year old and my hubby, thankfully, still have not shown any symptoms.

Sunday my hubby took our 5-year old to church. They then went to lunch and ran a couple errands we needed done. Afterwards, he dropped our 5-year old off at home and went to school to study for a couple hours. Monday was a regular school day for him. (My hubby is currently going through power school.) And this pregnant, under the weather momma was taking care of a 5-year old and 2-year old twins alone.

Sick days are one of those…

Four boys!

Well, we found out yesterday that Baby #4 will be our FOURTH boy. Four boys. 1, 2, 3, 4 boys.

Do I sound shocked? I'm a little shocked.

I think everyone knows we were "going for that girl," as we hear from everyone. But we really were going for that girl, so the boy news was a bit of a shock. According to this article, "The Odds of Having Another Boy or Girl," we had a 43.6% chance of having a girl after already having 3 boys, though I'm not sure if we really count as having "3 boys" since 2 of them are identical twin boys-- 2 boys from one pregnancy where the egg split (read "Identical or fraternal [revised]"). If we go off of 2 boys, our odds go up slightly to 47.7% chance of having a girl. Yet here I am, pregnant with boy #4.

We have the growth ultrasound just after 20 weeks, however, I'm fairly certain they will only confirm it is a boy. While I'm only 17 weeks now, we had an experienced sonographer determine the gender and s…

Disney World with young children

Large party and our accommodations We are back from our week in Disney World! My husband is in power school and unable to get time off, so I went without him to Disney World 16-weeks pregnant with our 5-year old and 2.5-year old twins, my parents, my 83-year old grandmother, my youngest sister, and my middle sister with her family (husband and 1.5-year old daughter). All in all, we had 11 people including 3 strollers (my 2.5-year old twins and my sister's 1.5-year old daughter) and 1 wheelchair (for our 83-year old grandmother). We stayed in my parents' timeshare, which ended up being fabulous: a 4 bedroom, 2000 square foot Presidential suite with a view of the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I really cannot say enough fabulous things about our living arrangements that week. My middle sister and her husband had one master bedroom; their 1.5-year old daughter slept in a large hall bathroom in her Pack'N'Play. My 2.5-year old twins shared a bedroom. My parents …

Strollers in Disney

We are heading to Disney World soon and I've been doing a lot of planning. Our twin toddlers are two and a half years old. One thing my friends and blog readers know is that I am head over heels for our stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select with the second seat. I've written two reviews on it: "I love my stroller" and "0-2 years old: twin must-haves." From the time our twins were born, we have used 1 and only 1 stroller, our tried and true Baby Jogger City Select with the second seat. Now we have another baby on the way and we plan on putting our stroller through its paces again. So as I thought about our upcoming Disney trip, I started thinking about using my stroller there. There were pros to using my Baby Jogger City Select in Disney-- like the large storage basket underneath, how compact it is, how easy it is to maneuver-- but, when traveling, remember the Accidental Tourist: never travel with something you would be devastated losing. I know we are goin…

Make your own Disney shirts

My sisters can tell you that I am the least crafty in this family, so I am pretty proud of my latest project. We have a trip to Disney coming up. I want the boys in matching shirts everyday that we are there, mostly to have an easier time keeping an eye on everyone and also because it will be adorable. We have already spent a fair amount at Del Sol buying the boys matching Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear changing color shirts. Shirts at the Disney store are about $12.95 each ($38.85 total for 3 not including shipping and handling), though they do have sales. I do not have a local Disney store to pop into so I've been watching the shirts online and have been frustrated that many of the sales shirts do not still have sizing for 2 size 2 shirts (or 2T/3T) and 1 size 6 boys shirt, all matching. So I took matters into my own hands: I crafted!

I went to Target and browsed the toddlers and boys t-shirt department. I found white shirts in both departments and neon stripey gray shirts too. T…