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Act naturally

A lot has changed since my last blog. People would always tell me, "It gets easier," but I didn't feel that it was really all that hard. Until sleep deprivation. The beginning of last week, C and O simply stopped sleeping at night. I don't know why. They never seemed to sleep all day or not get enough calories, but suddenly they were just AWAKE. Both of them, all night long. One night I didn't ever get more than 45 minutes at a time (Sleep Sheep is on a 42 minute timer. Every time I went in, he was still on). There were two nights were I did not get more than 5 hours with those nights combined. I was sleeping on the floor of the nursery. I didn't have it in me to go months on that kind of schedule. So I started asking other twin moms what they did to get their babies on schedules. People suggested several things. Some things were too scheduled for me, some people were blessed with babies that just figured it out on their own, some people weren't getting …