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New normal

There comes a point in every mother's life when she looks around her and thinks, "What on earth am I doing? When did this become normal?" Welcome to my life.
10 things that I never even considered doing, but now do regularly -or- My new normal
Refer to a gallon sized Ziploc bag in my purse as the "just-in-case-we-have-poopy-pants-while-we-are-out" bag. Excessively talk about myself in the third person, refer to myself as "Momma" when talking to other adults, and exclusively use "we" instead of "I" (ah, the royal "we") even when my children are not present. For instance, "We would love to have a girls' night with you. Momma is usually in bed by nine o'clock, but she could sure use a glass of wine!" Translation: "I would love a girls' night. I'm usually too tired to stay out late in the evening, but adult conversation would be very welcome." Discover there is, in fact, poop on my shirt whil…

Mommy guilt

Flipping through a magazine in the waiting room of my OBGyn during my pregnancy with C and O, I saw an ad for headphones to put over your pregnant belly. They came with CD's to play for your baby to help your child get an early start on reading-- a very early start. Recently at the children's playseum, a woman approached her daughter and started giving her instructions in Spanish. The daughter replied in English; the woman countered in Spanish. The little girl then replied back in Spanish; she looked like she was three, maybe four, about D's age. And yesterday at the pediatrician a little girl crawled across the lobby floor, stood up independently, got back down on all fours to crawl to the row of chairs, and then got up to walk along the chairs, bracing herself against the chairs as she walked. A woman leaned over to the mother and asked how old the little girl was. The reply? "She just turned 10 months old." 
Moments like these pull at me for a m…

A year's worth of junk

Something about a new year is invigorating, much like a new purse. When you get a new purse, you look at all the storage pockets inside and imagine that this purse will not turn into a disorganized mess of diapers, lipstick, loose Cheerios, or a limbo for random scraps of paper. It's like a New Year's resolution to be more organized. Hearing my friends discuss their New Year's resolutions makes me want to take out all my old purses, the ones stuffed full of gum wrapped in coupons, and clean them out.

I try to do this periodically, but here we are at the new year, so I'm taking out my purses. In my favorite Coach tote, I find a million Target Catalina coupons that I had every intention of using, a Clinique lipstick and gloss duo that is pretty nifty (gift with purchase?), a pair of stockings that I had given up for gone, my stretchy ring that I knew was somewhere, Star Wars band aids, prenatal vitamins and "Preggie Pop Drops," and gum. In another purse I found…