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I love my stroller

Napping while we are out.
North Carolina September 2011
I get stopped all the time when I go out. I don't mind that people want to wave at my babies or ask D if he is a "big help" or throw their hands up in mock distress and say, "I don't know how you do it." Sometimes, yes, I would rather run in and out of a store, but, honestly, even if people weren't stopping me, would that really happen heading out with three kids? I've gotten used to the "you have your hands full" conversations, but one thing I never tire of talking about is my stroller. People stop me all the time to comment on my stroller, either to tell me that they wish they had that stroller back when their kids were young or to find out what it is and where to get it.

Let me start at the beginning. When D was an infant we had two different Chicco strollers, the travel system and the Chicco $40 umbrella stroller. Neither was that exceptional, but they both served their purpose. When we found out we were having twins, I begin doing massive amounts of stroller research. I found fancy looking double strollers, fashionable side-by-sides, strange over-under designs (does the kid stuffed in the bottom of those actually enjoy the ride?), and, of course, the traditional tandem limousine. Having dealt with a stroller that wasn't that great, I knew having a stroller that actually met our needs would make a world of difference in how we functioned when we left the house. The snippets about these strollers online were less than helpful and I wondered what was overpriced and what was worth the money.

Using the car seat adaptors and glider board.
(D was 2 and a half when the babies were born.)
North Carolina May 2011
My dad always advised to me write down what I expect from a product when I am going to make a large purchase. So I sat down and wrote down what I want from our stroller. It had to be tall enough for my husband and I to push comfortably for long distances. Our Chicco strollers were too short, which made pushing the stroller on long walks obnoxious (lots of short steps). I wanted to buy one stroller to last from the time the babies were newborns until they are preschoolers-- very important to me. I wanted a stroller that was able to go where I do: the park, the mall, long walks, in the grass. Those were the most important things to me. The next category of wants involved the price range and maneuverability. I wanted it to be under $1000. I really felt from the beginning that I didn't want a side-by-side, knowing how hard they can be to maneuver with one hand (if I'm in a parking lot, I would need to hold D's hand as we walked into the building, leaving one hand to push the stroller). These were the deal breaking criteria. After that, I considered it would be nice if I could have a glider board and how heavy it would be to fold and lift into the van.

With my list in hand, I started researching. If I saw someone at a store with a stroller I liked, I stopped them and whipped out my notebook, practically interviewing them in the middle of the aisle. "I see you have a bag draped on the handle; does your stroller ever flip over backwards? How easy is it to fold? Do you have any other children?" When I first started asking around, I saw several people with the Contours double stroller and they all said great things about it (thank you, Mom-of-Two, at Target). But I still felt there was another stroller out there that had everything. If there are seven cup holders in my mini van just for the driver, there must be a stroller out there that fit my criteria.

At the pumpkin patch.
North Carolina October 2011
Doing a little online research, I stumbled across the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. I had to see it. I liked the way the Contours stroller looked and the City Select had a similar style, just more compact. I started calling around local stores to see if they had a floor model. A local baby boutique confirmed they had them in stock and a floor model, so I drove over to check it out. It was love at first sight. The stroller turned with the slightest bend of my wrist. I could whip that thing around with one hand. Feeling that I needed to be fair, I gave other doubles a chance. The boutique carried a lot of side-by-side floor models, such as the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, the Peg Perrego Aria Twin, as well as the Chicco Cortina Together. They had some over-under models, like the Phil and Ted's Classic Double, but I dismissed all of them because I couldn't imagine stuffing an infant down there and the bottom seat was in the way of my gait (remember my criteria?). The tandem stroller was also dismissed because it was much too heavy and cumbersome to push around the store while empty. Plus, being the Chicco, it wasn't any taller than our last Chicco travel system stroller, which was too short for long walks. As for the side-by-sides... I don't know. There may be a fabulous side-by-side out there. However, when I go to DC and visit the Smithsonians, I cringe watching moms having to collapse their side-by-sides just to get them through the metal detectors at the entrance to the museum. There was just to many "How would I...?" questions when I seriously considered side-by-sides. How would I push this through Nordstrom Rack? Or park it on an aisle in the grocery store? Or navigate a crowd? Or hold D's hand in a parking lot? Or push it through a field? Or follow after D at a playground layered with bark? Feeling like there were too many unknowns, I dismissed the side-by-sides.

Both facing forward while we wait at the pediatrician.
North Carolina September 2011
Leaving me with my precious Baby Jogger City Select. I spent an hour pushing that stroller around, disassembling it in the store, asking the sales rep questions. Feeling extremely excited with my choice, I rushed home to tell my husband about it. He hummed and hawed. "It costs too much. Is it worth it?" "Why can't we find something for around $200?" "I don't like the way it looks." (I think he made the last one up because he felt it cost too much.) But I insisted and dragged him to the baby boutique. I made him push it in the store and I could tell by his face he was impressed. Looking at the price on other strollers, he pushed them around, all the while commenting on their negative points, "This one is very hard to turn." "Man, could this weigh more when you fold it up?" "Would this fit through a doorway?" (Incidentally, one of the side-by-sides they were selling didn't fit through their store doorway.) Then we saw they sold the glider board for the City Select and the wheels started turning... We could push all three of our kids on one stroller.

The baby boutique we looked at offered a store loyalty program. Since Baby Jogger is one of the big name stroller brands, they are exempt from store promotions and coupons at large baby stores, like Babies'R'Us or Buy Buy Baby. With the baby boutique's customer loyalty program, we were able to save money on the stroller purchase-- spend $500, get $40 store credit. We split the stroller purchase up and applied the store credit on accessories. If you are interested in buying this stroller, I would recommend calling around and seeing if any baby boutiques near you offer a similar promotion. Otherwise, I have met some moms at parks who said they saved money buying it online, though I don't know which sites they used. When I go to buy accessories for it, I usually buy those through Amazon.

Out shopping with one baby-- only using one seat.
North Carolina November 2011
We bought a lot of accessories for our City Select, customizing it to what our needs were. Originally we purchased the stroller itself, which comes with the stroller frame and one seat. At the same time we bought the second seat kit that includes the mounting brackets to attach the second seat, and the seat itself. Shortly after, I bought the mommy console. We also decided that being able to drop the infant carriers on our stroller was important, so we bought the car seat adaptors for Chicco car seats. To attach the second car seat adaptor to the stroller, you need to have already bought the second seat kit for the mounting brackets. Once the babies came, my mom insisted on getting us the glider board. The glider board has proven to be extremely useful even when we aren't using it for our three-year old. I used it the other day to hold a large cooler when we spent the day at the park. When I'm shopping with all three boys by myself, sometimes I drop a shopping basket on it instead of dragging a cart behind me. Being able to push all three kids on my stroller is fabulous. With all the accessories, it added up to more than my original budget, though we didn't buy them all at once. When our family found we were having twins and asked what we needed for the babies, we told them we wanted this stroller, that's it. My grandmother bought us the stroller and the second seat. My parents bought us the glider board and car seat adaptors. We bought the mommy console, trays for the seats, and extra cup holder. 

How I usually arrange the seats.
North Carolina March 2012
Recently someone asked me if the City Select was worth the money. Without question, YES. This stroller gave me the confidence to get out of the house when the babies were so young. I could fit everything I needed in the large basket underneath (even my dog in his carrier). I walked to places over twenty minutes away from my home because I knew I could push all the boys back home if something went wrong, no carrying D and trying to push a stroller. The brake works if you park it on the side of a hill completely loaded down; I feel like I can trust that brake. I love how easily it maneuvers; I can push it with one hand with no problems. I've driven it over gravel, a trail in the woods for a bug themed park and rec class of D's, up grassy hills, at a pumpkin patch, and every time it handled the terrain with no issues. I can lay the babies down to nap, sit them up to eat, and put their seats in any position I can think of: both facing forward, both facing back, one facing forward and one facing back, one reclining forward and one sitting back, both recling facing back. I can put their feet up, feet down; a small adjustment, but if the feet are up, their blankets don't fall. If their feet are down, we are the size of a single stroller and I can easily go through a crowd or store. When I leave the house with one baby, I can use the same stroller, only putting in one seat, something you can't do with a side-by-side or a tandem. Last week at the park, I had a large cooler on the glider board, sunscreen and sanitizing wipes in the back of the seats, three McDonald's drinks in the mommy console, as well as a large diaper bag, my purse, a picnic blanket, and one of those collapsible chairs in the basket underneath. I was set to spend all day at the park with the boys.

Both seats reclining facing backwards (D making silly faces.)
North Carolina December 2011
At one point I was going to buy the "Hychair" attachments for our seats, converting them to clip on high chairs at a table. I changed my mind when I saw how messy the babies are when they eat and how often we go to restaurants that have four table legs instead of a center post (um, very infrequently). We just flew with our stroller, buying the Buy Buy Baby "Gate check" bag for $18. Our trip was last minute or I would have ordered the Baby Jogger travel bag. The gate check bag already has a hole in it, but it did work fine for checking the stroller at the gate. The TSA agents asked, "Did you spend a fortune on that stroller? You must have for it to collapse like that!" They were all impressed that we could easily get our double stroller through the scanner and just as easily reassemble it, popping the wheels back on, the mounting brackets, and seats. The Baby Jogger City Mini single stroller (a stroller I wish I had when D was a baby), folds with one hand. Literally. I myself have folded it with one hand holding a baby and put it in the trunk of a car. (Baby Jogger, do you ever cease to impress?) The City Select doesn't fold that easily. It took me a couple times of practice to figure out the best way for me to fold it. I take off the seats and stack them vertically in the back of my van. Then I stand to the right of the frame and lift up on the "fold" handles located on either side of the stroller. Holding the stroller by those handles, I place the stroller in my van with the front of the stroller going into the van first. That way when I lift the stroller out, the handle is facing me and I can put the parking brake on, drop my diaper bag in, and put the seats on.

When I'm out and someone stops to compliment me on my "fancy stroller," it takes everything in me not to tell them every single reason why I love it so much. Usually I will reply, "Oh, we love our stroller!" or "Best thing we bought for the babies!" My favorite is when an expecting mom stops to ask me if we like it and what makes it so special. I love gushing about my stroller. The hardest thing to put in words is just how easy it makes things, how easy it is to push, how easy it is to travel with... The best thing about my stroller is that it makes my life easier. For that, I will always love it.

For more pictures of the stroller, check out the Mommy Resources tab.


Cynthia said…
Hi Kimber, tried to post a comment earlier but it failed. Anyway, great review! My son will also be 2.5 when my twins are born this summer. I really like the pictures. I had been thinking of getting this stroller but was having trouble imagining how the standing board was going to work for my toddler. From the reviews of it on Amazon, it seemed as though there wasn't a lot of room for his head behind the handle bars. From your pics, it looks like he has more room when the babies are in seat as opposed to their infant seats. Is this right? Regardless, we're going to get the infant seat adapters as well. Thanks again for a great review. Saw your email on the Montgomery county MOMS listserve.
Kimberly said…
We called a baby boutique to see if they had it in stock (we bought the stroller in North Carolina). They actually assembled an entire floor model for us, with the infant carrier drop-ins, the second seat, and the glider board. They were extremely helpful and it was great to be able to try it out before we bought it. I was pregnant at the time, so I just brought D with me and had him try the standing board out in the store. The handle has two different positions, lower and higher. The standing board is also adjustable and can be closer or farther out from the stroller. My oldest was two and a half when the babies were born. When he was younger, I would have the handle in the lower position for him with the glider board all the way out. As he got older and more practiced with the standing board, I would have the glider board all the way out and the handle in the higher position, which was more comfortable for me. I hope that all makes sense... It really helped me-- and sold my husband on the stroller-- actually pushing it in person. The glider board doesn't give as much room as, say, a sit and stand. But I have never had problems pushing D on it, nor has he ever had problems riding on it. The only issue we ever had is that when we first started using the stroller he was two and a half and so he couldn't stand on the glider board and drink or snack. I solved the problem by teaching him how to sit on the standing board, crossing his little legs, and drinking and snacking there. That worked great for us and so I never wished for a triple stroller where he would have had his own seat. At places like the mall or Target, I would stop to let him drink. On walks, I usually had him sit (which also kept him out of the sun). I have a picture somewhere of him sitting on the standing board that I should post... Anyways, for what it is worth, the stroller has been wonderful for us. I'm always impressed when I'm able to do things with it with all 3 boys riding that were challenging to do with D's single strollers. :)
Cynthia said…
Yes, your description of the board and handle heights makes perfect sense. The handle heights will help us as I'm short and my husband is tall. That's a great idea about seeing it in person, I may have to do that to convince my husband this stroller is worth it. Thanks again!
Kimberly said…
No problem! And good luck stroller shopping! :)
MERCER'S said…
Do you have to buy the second seat attachment for the car seat adapter? I'm going to use the seat for my two yr old and we will be having a little one soon.
Kimber said…
When you originally buy the stroller, it comes with the frame and one seat. The second seat kit comes with the seat and the seat mounting brackets. So to use the stroller with a second seat and a car seat adaptor, you would need to buy the second seat kit and the car seat adaptor. The mounting brackets are only sold in the second seat kit. The car seat adaptors were great. I loved being able to drop the infant carriers in my stroller. Not only that, the stroller was still easy to use-- especially compared to other strollers with infant carrier drop-ins!
addie said…
ah I love to hear that you love this stroller. I just made the HUGE purchase to get one for my twins and have been so nervous I'd love it.. thank you!
Kimber said…
It is quite the investment... My husband was EXTREMELY skeptical about the stroller because of the price tag. However, while I fell in love pushing it in the store, he fell in love with it after we got it home. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine!
Susan said…
Hi there! I just stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading it! My oldest is 2.5 and my twins are 9 months old. We have the Baby Jogger City Select, but have not purchased the glider yet, as I thought my oldest was a little young when the twins were born. Can you tell me the brand you have, is it made by Baby Jogger? We also have a double Valco Baby with the Joey seat attachment for all three, but I find the City Select much easier to deal with, so I'd like to get the glider now that my oldest is probably ready to stand on it. Thanks!
Kimber said…
Yes! We did buy the Baby Jogger brand glider board. It has worked great!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kimber!
Thanks for posting such a thorough review. Did you find the weight to be an issue? (I read that the double stroller is 34lbs). Were the other double strollers much lighter? Thanks much.
Kimber said…
The stroller weight has not been an issue for me. I have no problems lifting it in and out of the back of our van (I am 5'9"). I would really recommend finding a store locally, either a Buy Buy Baby with a lot of floor models or a baby boutique (Babies'R'Us has a very limited in store selection), and pushing several models around the store. I specifically remember the Chicco Cortina Together stroller being exceptionally heavy and awkward. Although you have to take the seats off the City Select to fold it in the van (it does fold with one seat on, not two), it does make it even lighter to lift.

Per the manufacturer websites:

The Chicco Cortina Together is 34 lbs.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin is 34 lbs.

The Peg-Perego Aria Twin 60-40 stroller (which has two different sized seats, one to accomodate an infant carrier-- does not support two infant carriers) is 19.4 lbs.

The Peg Perego Duette SW, also a stroller you take the seats out of to fold, is 43.6 lbs assembled, unfolded. Folded, the frame weighs 27.7 lbs.

The Phil and Ted's Classic says it weighs 25 lbs, but I cannot find a weight for it as a double.

As for the Baby Jogger products, I cannot find weights on their strollers on the websites or on Buy Buy Baby. For the City Mini Double, the shipping weight on Amazon is 32.6 lbs, including the packaging.

The shipping weight for the Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat on Amazon is 100 lbs, with packaging. From personal experience, I would put the stroller frame around the 30 lb mark.

The only issue that I have had with weight was recently. I had my four-year old on the glider board and my 16-month old twins in their seats. We were wandering around DC for the entire day, so I had our diaper bag, lunches, umbrellas, etc, underneath the stroller. My oldest weighs about 45 lbs and my 16-month olds weigh 25 lbs each, combined with the stroller and everything underneath... yes, this momma was feeling the burn on those hills! However, the stroller pushes so easily that I didn't have any problems pushing the stroller all day (when I wasn't going up hills!). I wandered all over DC, just me and the kids, from about 10 am to 5 pm, going up and down the National Mall, even on the gravel path along the mall. I think that pushing a combined weight of 100 lbs of children would be heavy in any stroller. The City Select is easy to manuever and I sent my husband many texts that day congratulating ourselves on the forsight to buy this stroller! I could not imagine doing such a long day in DC by myself with a stroller that was hard to maneuver (we even rode the metro!!). We are continually pleased with this stroller!

Note: I'm going to email Baby Jogger and see if I can get exact weights on the City Select...
Jessica Cortes said…
Thank you for such a thorough review! My husband and I have a 7 month old baby girl, we will be trying for #2 at Christmas in preparation (I know, very early)...we just bought the City Select and the 2nd seat...I have been wanting a stroller like this for a while, it definitely took some convincing of the hubs, but finally he gave in and likes it as much as I do. I am traveling back home this coming Tuesday and have been reading tons of blogs regarding traveling with the city select. I would really like to gate check it but I am so worried it will get damaged. We did purchase the city select travel bag, but upon looking at it and seeing that I have to pretty much disassemble it to get it into the bag is worrying me a ton. I am traveling alone, hubs will be at an oil well in east TX, so I plan on wearing the baby bjorn when I need to take her out of the just trying to picture myself wearing the baby, carrying my Ju Ju Be Be Prepared weekender style diaper bag and then having to kneel down at the end of the jet bridge to take this thing apart and put into the bag. I know I can board ahead because of the baby, but I don't know. Am I over thinking this? People who put it in the travel bag had it damaged when it came back according to reviews I saw on amazon. They commented about holes in the material, areas worn down, even parts of the stroller damaged. My husband said if it gets ruined, we are not buying another. I WAS able to fit it (completely) broken down into our largest suitcase, the total weight being 42lbs which is 8lbs under the 50lb limit, and then I stuffed in more baby gear for the additional few pounds left. I would have to check it as luggage but I feel it would be okay due to the thicker padding/material etc. But then the downside is I can't use it in the airport. LO is 17lbs plus carrying my bag, going to do a number on my back said you traveled with it in regular plastic bag and it was okay? We're you worried? Did you ever end up buying the travel bag? Sorry for such a long comment! Thank you again for all your great information :)
Kimber said…
It wasn't in a plastic bag. It was in the Buy Buy Baby gate check bag which has a thinner material. The bag is destroyed after the one time travelling with it (holes, very worn) but we had no damage to our stroller. Due to my husband being Navy, I have flown many, many times with my oldest between the times he was newborn to two-years old. (With our current station, we haven't had to travel like we did in the past.) When I was flying with just one child, I always liked having a stroller with me at the airport. It was convenient for layovers and freeing up my hands. Some airlines don't really let you board early, like Southwest. On Southwest, you are actually in boarding group B, so getting a boarding group A ticket is actually a better deal. Now, we've been using the Baby Jogger City Select everyday for the past 16-months with our twins. I've road tripped with it more times than I can count and we've flown with it once (well, twice, there and back). During our travels, we fully disassemble it, making it more compact. To fit it in the gate check bag, you will need to disassemble it. I, myself, would not have a problem doing this because I have done it so many times. The first couple times I disassembled and assembled it were a little tricky (getting the wheels off). I would say to practice taking it apart and putting it in the travel bag. Here's a tip: whenever I flew with our son, I always brought a blanket with me to lay him on the floor. When I would get our stuff ready to board or if we had an exceptionally long layover, it was nice to be able to lay him down without stressing out over the airport carpet.

I also am a huge fan of backpacks during travel, unless it is a bag that you can wear in the messenger style and put behind you (if the bag hangs on your side or in the front, it will dangle in your way when you bend over). The other important thing about a bag that hangs behind you when you wear it is that it is very hard to get down an airplane aisle with a bag on your side while you carry a baby. Thoughtfully packing your carry on is critical when flying by yourself with a child. I had a two bag system. I had a smaller bag inside a larger backpack. The backpack had things that I would need in an emergency and I put this in the overhead bin (a clean shirt and a clean bra for me, a clean outfit for baby, a clean blanket, a bottle of room temperature water bought in the terminal, my purse, extra diapers). The smaller bag had things that I would need on the flight and repeatedly need during travel and I put this under the seat (the contents of my purse such as my wallet and chapstick, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, sippy cup or bottle, pedialyte powder pouches, powdered formula divided and measured for travel, a clean onsie for baby, interesting toys for baby such as something that has lights or a book with crinkley pages, a book for myself, a blanket to lay baby down on in the terminal or on the seat next to me, my baby sling). I had these arranged in my bag with diaper bag contents on the bottom-- along with any valuables I didn't feel comfortable putting in the overhead container, but wouldn't need on the flight-- and things I would want to reach in and grab sitting in my seat on the top, like toys or pacifiers. Small things like pacifiers were kept in containers that I could easily find (even a ziploc bag is easier to find than a loose pacifier). Things like my boarding pass were kept in a front pocket. When I was going through security or boarding the plane, the smaller bag was kept inside the larger backpack. I could easily carry my carry-on without having a lot of loose stuff. As soon as I got on the plane, I put my book (if baby falls asleep in your arms, the last thing you are going to do is wake him up to try and get entertainment out for yourself-- put it within reach before baby falls asleep!), the sippy cup, and one toy in the seat back. I also got the baby's blanket out and anything else required for sleep.
Kimber said…
I have not bought the Baby Jogger travel bag yet. The next time we plan on flying is next spring. I do plan on buying it before we fly next because 1. we have to buy a new travel bag anyways and 2. I am interested to see if it holds up better than the Buy Buy Baby brand bag. I will be buying the travel bag from a business and not online, like Buy Buy Baby. That way if it falls apart after 1 trip I have a *chance* of getting my money back. If it comes apart just as easily as the Buy Buy Baby brand bag, which was a very thin material, I would not plan on re-buying the Baby Jogger brand anyways. I would stick to the much cheaper Buy Buy Baby brand which did the job just fine.

I have actually flown before without a stroller. If you are going to do this, I would make sure that you are thoroughly thinking out your carry on bag and the worst case scenarios. For instance, if you are taking a 1 and a half hour commuter flight to your final destination, the stroller won't be a big deal. If you have an hour layover at a major airport, it will be missed. Hauling everything you need from one end of a major hub to another is hard even WITH a stroller. Carrying everything and rushing would be a pain. Also, I have had many flights delayed or cancelled. If you have a layover and your connecting flight is cancelled, will you want your stroller? It was great being able to lay my son down and go get lunch.

If you are going to check your stroller with your bags, which isn't a bad idea, there are a few things you should consider. For instance, most of the time, I check our carseats when we fly. I do NOT like dealing with carseats through the terminal and have found them to be more of a hassel on the flight than a help (my mom thinks it is horrible I do not strap them in a carseat when we fly, but it is such a pain). Before I check the carseats, I confirm that I can rent carseats if they get lost. Most larger (and some smaller) airports have car rental companies on site that rent carseats. If you cannot rent a carseat at the airport, are you flying somewhere where you know people? If they are picking you up from the airport, is there a baby store nearby that they could buy a carseat if yours gets lost? If I cannot easily buy a carseat and I cannot rent a carseat, I fly with my carseat. When I fly with our carseat, the stroller becomes the means how I get this carseat around and I use the sling to carry the baby.
Kimber said…
The last thing I would add is NEVER count on the airport or airline to provide food for baby. I have had flight attendants say, "If you get on now, I'll help you to your seat and let you preboard." If you were planning on using the preboarding time to go buy a fruit cup for baby, you'll be kicking yourself you don't have food in your bag. TSA allows you to bring in plenty of food for baby. I have never had issues with them letting me bring on jars of baby food or anything (despite my husband's protests). I also like to put a high calorie snack in there for me, like a protein bar or Cliff bar. If you have a diaper blow-out on the flight, you are going to be spending your layover in the bathroom at the terminal, not picking up lunch! I liked to buy room temperature bottles of water in the terminal. Ask vendors if they have any in the back not refrigerated. If your baby breastfeeds, that is soooo much easier to prep for on the flight than bottles. If your baby needs warm bottles, make sure you have a bottle of room temperature water on you. Get the flight attendant to help you get your drinks ready for the baby BEFORE you take off. You will want something for your baby to drink during the flight. I swear by the pedialyte powder packets. They are easy to get together in your seat, much easier than juice, and are sweet enough that your baby wants to suck it down! I usually put these in a bottle, even when my son was "past" the bottle stage. It was just comforting. When he was way older than bottles, I put it in sippy cups. Usually I dipped the nipple or straw inside the packaging to get a little of the powder on the outside, really entice them to drink. Make sure you don't start this too early. If you get them drinking as soon as you leave the terminal, you may find yourself idling on the jetway for 20+ minutes and your liquids are gone!

I probably waaaaaay overthink flying with kids. However, I have found, in my experience, that being prepared makes the flight MUCH smoother! I also think that I just operate better when I feel prepared. The extra bra policy started when my son threw up milk down my shirt right before take off... yeah, they don't get to drink milk anymore on flights. Haha!

Feel free to email me at if you want to chat more about flying. I flew a ton by myself with my oldest, short one-hour flights and long 10+ hour flights! Good luck!!! :D
Jessica Cortes said…
Wow! Thank you for all the information, I really appreciate it :). My husband was in the military too...Marines...Logistics officer, he just got out at the end of July...we were stationed in San Diego and recently moved to Katy, TX...he's from the Houston area originally. I really miss SD. The weather here is so hot and humid. Anyway, thank you again :) I just finished packing and decided to pack my city select in our large suitcase with a few other baby items like toys and blankets. I was able to fit the rest of my items and baby's in another medium size suitcase. Luckily we get 2 free bags with SW! The rest of my items are in the weekender diaper bag, it's large enough to fit everything I need: 10 size 3 diapers, 4 outfit changes for baby (last time I flew, she had blown through 3 so I'd rather be safe than sorry), 2 similac ready to go formulas, 4 bottles, 2 blankets, 2 burp blankets, toys, 2 packages wipes, my iPad, cell, wallet, lip gloss, powder, changing pad, sunglasses, notepad/pen, two jars food/spoon, bib, deorderant, hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, hair brush, blue suction thingy, iPod, chargers for cell/iPod/iPad and portioned out powder formula container. The bag can be carried messenger style pushed behind me or has shoulder straps for toting. I just put my LO in the bjorn and carried the bag around, it's not too bad. I have 30 minutes between flights so I won't have to carry around too long at least. I set my alarm for tomorrow to print my boarding pass at the 24 hour mark, hopefully I get Section A. This will be my 3rd time flying with Rosie, 2nd time alone. Hopefully all goes well! We ordered another convertible car seat to keep in WI with my folks so they picked that up today and will have ready for when we arrive Tuesday. I will be going back often this year and next so it just made sense to have them have one too. Thank you for the pedal yet powder tip! I will get some tomorrow! Have a great Labor Day weekend :)

Kimber said…
I used to LOVE flying into my parents' house because they had a carseat waiting for us!! That really is the best. Happy travels! I'm glad you figured out what to do with the stroller! I really think every time I fly I pay for an overweight bag-- lol! :)
Jessica Cortes said…
So after much going back and forth, I decided to gate check the stroller and put it in the baby jogger city select travel bag. I am regretting that decision. The night before my husband said if I was going to use the bag that we should put a massive amount of duct tape at all seams on the inside as well as completely cover the bottom and sides. So I did and even put extra extra layers on the bottom. When I got to the airport, everything was fine all the way to the gate, the bag was definitely Super heavy though with everything broken down and very awkward to carry. The wheels each have their own little compartment on either side and then you are supposed to lay the seat down and then the frame on top. Well with all of this, the bag was tight to zip shut, in fact there was a lot of tension so I kept shifting it around to make it less but it didn't help. I had two flights, when I got to my connection in Denver, they put the bag at the jetway and I grabbed it and ran to next flight, only had 25 minutes between so the next flight was boarding. Left bag at gate again and finally reached Milwaukee. I took everything out and was thankful to have it back in my hands. After I got my baggage and headed outside to wait for my mother, that is when I noticed the damage. I'm really bummed. There are several scratches to the aluminum frame as well as one dent on the back right side near the wheel base, the black resin/plastic pieces where you fold it and on the handle look worn off, the bottom of the mesh basket keeps falling off and there are also two gouges to the frame. My dad looked at it and said I could take a scotch bright pad to the scratches, but the dent and gouges are there to stay. I can't tell you how disappointed I am about this. I just bought it last week Wednesday. The travel bag is a piece of $h!t and I would not recommend buying it. The bag itself has several tears on the bottom and sides. Thank god I had the duct tape layered so much on the inside or the damage may have been worse. I am dreading taking it back home to TX though. I have to fly back on the 18th. I was thinking I could keep the wheels with me in this other tote I brought and stow them in the overhead bin. Then the stroller frame and seat would be by themselves with less weight and tension on the bag. I'm also going to wrap both of those in a large padded blanket, as well as add more duct tape to inside and outside. I should have just stuck to my original plan of placing it in our largest suitcase completely broken down and just checked it like luggage. It only weighted 41lbs. I could have added a few other items to bring it just under 50 and all would have been well with it. :(
Kimber said…
Jessica, sorry it took me so long to reply! Yikes! Sounds like a crazy trip!!!!!! I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Hope the next flight goes smoother! :S
Nhalia said…
Kimberly, I'm hoping you can answer a question for me :). I'm due with twins next year and so interested in this stroller, I'm just concerned about the fit as far as height goes? I know you said you were planning on using this stroller for your twins until preschool, do you really think it's big enough? I haven't seen it in person yet, but the pictures make the seats look so small! My husband and I are very tall, my older 2 girls are tall (75th percentile + with long legs)
Kimber said…
Hello, Nhalia! I'm sorry it has taken me a couple days to reply. Yes, we are planning on using this stroller until our boys outgrow it. At their 15-month appointment, they measured at 31.5" (60th percentile). They weighed 24 lbs and 10.5 oz (76th percentile) and 24 lbs and 15.5 oz (79th percentile). As of right now, they still comfortably sit both facing forward, which is one of the more "cramped" ways of putting the seats. The seats sit "stadium style," as I call it, and they are closer together than a traditional in-line stroller, meaning the front seat is much closer to the child in the back than, say, the Chicco Cortina Together. I do think that at some point they will outgrow this position, maybe when they are closer to 2 (they are 17-months right now). At that point, I will put the front seat facing forward and the back seat facing back. However, I have seen people with children much older than mine with the seats in a position I thought might not work with bigger kids... and it did! Besides maneuverability, the one thing that really sold me on this stroller is that I can use it from newborn to when they no longer need a stroller! So many people I have talked to have bought 2 or 3 (or more!) strollers. I would recommend seeing the stroller in person. It truly sells itself. We brought our two-year old with us when we were stroller shopping and put him it (he has always been a very tall child!). I'm very optimistic that this stroller will work for us for the duration, especially when I remember how our then 2-year old fit in it. The only hiccup for us is that we plan on trying for another child in the next year or so. When Baby #4 arrives, my plan is to put the newborn in a sling and push the toddlers for the first couple months, then put Baby #4 in the stroller with one of the toddlers while the other toddler uses the standing board. But that is a bridge we will have to cross later! Haha! :) Good luck! I can tell you that this stroller has certainly lived up to all our expectations, especially when you factor in how much it costs! We've absolutely loved this stroller!
I'm expecting you can respond a query for me. I'm due with twin babies next season and so enthusiastic about this baby stroller, I've just been involved about the fit as far as size goes? I know you said you were preparing on using this baby stroller for your twin babies until pre-school, do you really think it's big enough? I haven't seen it in individual yet, but the images create the chairs look so small!
Smooth Strollers online
Kimber said…
Hello! Yes! Here is the blog link to my follow up post on the stroller. My little guys are 2.5 years old and this is STILL the only stroller we use. Here is the link:
The link has current pictures of our two-year olds in the stroller. Best of luck stroller shopping!
Ashley Burns said…
I just saw this stroller today at Buy Buy Baby and I think I'm in love! Your review is so helpful! I was debating between this and the Baby Jogger City GT Double. My preference for the double was just because tandem ones I had previously seen were the length of a bus and the double seemed more practical for when the babies are bigger. My daughter will be 18 months when number 2 arrives. I think I'm pretty sold on this stroller, but I've heard one of the biggest drawbacks to tandem strollers is that since the babies are lined up one can kick the back of the other's chair? Have you had any issues with this? Are there any cons?
Kimber said…
Hello! My boys are now almost 2 and a half years old. This is still the only stroller we've used! Most often now I put one facing forward and one facing backward. If I face them both forward, they do tend to harass each other (throw toys at each other, tickle each other, generally create mayhem). If I have one forward and one backward, they are fine. I have another blog post about this stroller that I wrote when our boys turned 2. Here is the link to it: It has some pics of my two-year old twins using this stroller. Best of luck to you as you stroller shop! It can be overwhelming!!! :)
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful blog! Thanks for all of the great information! My city select will be here in a couple days and I know I will love it as much as you do. I fell in love with it at the store :) I would like to know how you clean the seats? Are they easy to clean? Do they stain easily? I hope this stroller lasts me many many years and want to take good care of it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Kimber said…
The seats say you can take them off and wash them, but every time I've washed the seats and stroller, I have just used a white rag and water. I've never put them in my washer or dryer. For tougher stains in the seats, I have used a dab of OxyClean. For the basket and stroller frame, I have used Clorox wipes, but my favorite cleaners are the Method cleaner, if I'm wanting to disinfect (just for the stroller frame, handle, and buckles). Otherwise, I stick to the wet white rag. Usually I just wipe it down for a quick clean. Every couple months or so, I detail the stroller and really clean it up. It is really easy and the fabric cleans up nicely! We have the red seats.
John Benny said…
I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing.
Rachael Anne said…

We are strongly leaning towards the City Select for our twins arriving in July, but I cannot get a final answer on if the stroller breaks down/folds with two car seat adaptors on. I understand that one of the stroller seats hvae to come off to close it, is it the same rule with the adaptors? Did you have to take them both off? We plan to use a Gracco Keyfit 30, which appears to be what you used.

Thank you,
Rachael Anne
Kimber said…
Hello, Rachael! Yes, you do need to take the car seat adaptors off when you fold the stroller and, yes, we used the Graco Keyfit 30 car seats. It sounds cumbersome to take the car seat adaptors off each time you fold it, however, it really isn't. If you have one seat in the City Select, you can fold it with it on. When mine moved from infant carriers to the stroller seats, I always had 2 seats in, so I always took both of those off when collapsing the stroller as well. I've actually written a follow up review on our stroller:
Our oldest is 5.5 years old and our twins are just about to turn 3 and we have another baby due this summer and this is still the only stroller I use with them! I plan on using this stroller with our next little one as well. One of our toddlers still likes riding in the stroller all the time while the other prefers walking. Most of the time now I only have one seat in the City Select when I'm out, but when baby #4 arrives I'm going to use one infant carrier adaptor for the baby, one stroller seat for one of our twins, and the glider board for our other toddler. :)
As for getting this stroller in and out and folding it, I found that I got into a routine going out with the kids loading and unloading them very quickly. I always put the diaper bag in the same spot, I load the kids up pretty much the same way, and I put the stroller in the back of the van in the same way each time. I can't say enough great things about this stroller! Today at the park I had a Thirty One thermal lunch tote with lunch for me and the boys, our diaper bag, and another tote bag in the basket underneath. It really fits our lifestyle. :)
Briana said…
Awesome review! Our City Select arrived in the mail yesterday (baby #2 due in a few weeks!) and I'm already in love! Just wanted to share that both Amazon and currently have the 2013 model on sale (with the second seat included) for under $500, for anyone reading here that's interested and has not yet purchased one.
Kimber said…
That is such an amazing deal!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to say thank you for your post! We have a two year old and twin babies...when I was researching what kind of stroller to buy for that set up your blog post came up. The pictures sold us on the City Select and we are loving the stroller/glider board combo. Thanks for sharing your experience!

- a fellow MoM and submariner's wife
Kim said…
Hi Kimber! This post and all the info is so helpful! We are considering this stroller for our 2yo and newborn. I walk almost daily (on a paved trail at a fast-ish pace for exercise). Would this stroller work well for walking (I see that was on your criteria list) or would you recommend a double jogging stroller? Thank you so much Kimber!
Gwen CMcGovern said…
The seats sit "stadium style," as I call it, and they are closer together than a traditional in-line stroller, meaning the front seat is much closer to the child in the back than, say, the Chicco Cortina Together. Baby Twin Stroller
Long Lee said…
The last pictures, the strollers and the babies, those cute little faces. Sweet. :)
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