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Family vacation to the Poconos

My parents let us use their timeshare for a week. We went to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for a low-key, relaxing family vacation. With plenty of room to stretch out and beautiful views, it was the perfect vacation for active little boys! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Our Master Suite.
I tried getting a picture of all the boys on our big bed, but I couldn't get them all to hold still!

Second Master Bedroom
D had his own master suite. We laughed every night seeing our three-year old snuggle right into the middle of the King bed. He sleeps like a starfish!

"The Babies' Wing"
We brought two Pack'N'Plays for the babies and set them up in the larger bedroom. They had an attached bathroom-- complete with a shower-- that was pretty handy for diaper changes. They loved crawling down the hall in the morning to see what D was up to.

"The Laundry Wing"
Down the hallway is the fourth bedroom, the smallest. We used it as a luggage room. D called it "Granny's Room," perhaps hoping Granny would show up on our doorstep. :) In the hallway was a full bathroom, walk-in shower, and washer and dryer.

I really think I could live here.

We arrived Sunday night, checked-in, and immediately loaded up to get dinner at a local microbrewery.
The beer, brewed on site, was fabulous. We toasted "to vacation!"

We had breakfast at the General Store, which is over 100 years old. W bought D a Poconos sweatshirt in the store. Afterwards, we went to the indoor pool. Of course D had a great time, but we were surprised by how much the babies liked the water. Whenever we would get their shivering, blue-lipped selves out of the water, they would throw off their towels and crawl back in! We had dinner at a seafood restaurant.
The jacuzzi tub was a big hit.
We went to a ginormous candy store and gift shop. D left with a sampler bag of over half their selection! He was pretty excited when we said yes to everything he asked for. (Hey, we're on vacation, right?) W picked up pizza and we had a lazy evening in the timeshare.

W found a place to go indoor go-kart racing. D had so much fun cheering on his daddy. I'm sure the babies were cheering him on as well, in between bites of their sandwiches. We let D ride some arcade rides as we waited for Daddy, which he thought was too cool. Afterwards, we went downtown to wander the shops and get "linner." At the sports bar we ended up eating at, a drunk Irishman gave the babies $30, despite our protests. I loved browsing through the used bookstore and we all enjoyed the ice cream shop!

Surprise! Another lazy day! We slept in, lounged, ate breakfast, and eventually made our way over to the pool. We came back to take a nap and watch Puss in Boots, D's new favorite movie. And, because the microbrewery was so good, we decided to end our vacation where we started-- over cold beers and warm pretzels.

The weather was beautiful!
Sitting on the balcony, barefoot, mid-March in the Poconos.

 I loved vacation. Love, love, loved it. Here's why:
1. Having fun together
Candy Land

2. Doing things we don't normally do
Indoor go-kart racing

3. A change of scenery

4. Taking our sweet time
Sure, why not swim all morning?

5. Seeing things differently
Searching for dragons and dinosaurs in the woods

And thank you to my wonderful husband! We had a great time. I'm already looking forward to our next family vacation, wherever that might be! I know travelling with the whole family can be a production. :)
Packing for the trip


Alex Quinn 82 said…
It looks like you had a blast. I traveled to the Poconos for the first time two years ago and we first stayed at a bed and breakfast in the town of Jim Thorpe. The mountains and scenery were so beautiful there! We also went swimming in one the resorts in Poconos, which was a great way to cool off in the summer heat!
Kimber said…
I bet it was beautiful in the summer! We had such a great time and have talked about going back sometime.

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