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6-month old twins

We have survived six months with twins. There were long nights on the nursery floor sleeping in a comforter, long afternoons where I had spit-up in my hair, a puppy running wildly around the apartment with Woody in his mouth while my three-year old chased him in tears, dinner straight out of the box (who hasn't munched on raw macaroni noodles?), more caffeine than healthy breakfasts, and lots of "phone a friends." Recently, I am most grateful to my girlfriend who emailed me easy delicious recipes (4 ingredients and a crock pot-- yes, please!) and another friend who has prayed for me through a long month of teething (the tooth is right there, please break through!). I joined the local mothers of twins group and have met wonderful women with multiples. One of my favorite women to talk to has children the same age difference as mine, a 5-year old and 2-year old twins. She has helped me file many things in to the "Don't Worry About It" category and given me countless tips to help me now and as they get older and-- dun, dun, dun-- mobile. My mother has been a constant. She herself had four children and has been not only an ear for me to vent to ("I have explained to my screaming 5-month old multiple times that it is naptime."), but also a calm in the storm. Her and my dad have visited my family several times since the babies were born and every time they come they have gifts: enjoying whatever I put on the table, conversation outside of budgeting and potty training, helping me tackle tasks that I have been putting off, and taking home with them more boxes to store in their basement. Thank you. Momma, you have been a bigger help than I could ask for and your support and words of encouragement have helped me through the longest of days. Six months old! Where has the time gone? There have been lazy afternoons spent "picnicking" on the living room floor with the three boys. My son D playing peek-a-boo with his brothers and all of them laughing every time they see each other through separated fingers. Cuddling on the couch with the whole family, talking about our day, and filling Daddy in on everything we did that day. Long walks through the park as D rides on his scooter or bike. Successfully potty training both the three-year old and the puppy (yay!). And, of course, the baby milestones: smiling, sitting, first time eating baby food, sitting in the high chair with Cheerios, sleeping through the night, moving from infant carriers to convertible car seats, meeting relatives for the first time. Since we had a child before the twins, we felt like we knew what to expect, and, for the most part, we did. We took more things in stride and embrace many of the things that were so frustrating the first time around, like late nights or sharing the work. Several things were completely different with twins. We were actually able to see when they learned their names. With our son D, we thought he was only responding to our voice. At four months, we could say "O" and O would look at us, or "C" and C would look at us. It was amazing. Some things are near to impossible with two babies (getting inside a friend's house by myself who has 10 stairs on the stoop or taking the kids by myself to the swimming pool) and other things aren't as hard as I thought they would be (going the the doctor's office-- don't get me wrong, still a challenge, I was just thinking it would be impossible). I spend a lot of time loading and unloading the van, breaking down and setting up my stroller, carrying Bumbos in and out of my house, and washing and making bottles. I do an incredible amount of laundry (can you say "burp cloths"?). The twins are not mobile yet. They know how to roll over, but they seem to be following in D's footsteps, "I can roll; I would just rather you move me." It is nice because I haven't yet had to section off my house with baby gates. Soon. It will be soon.

I can't remember life before the twins. It feels like they have always been here, always were part of our family, like D. He is only three and I barely remember my days before he was part of them. Six months is such a short time in the scheme of things, yet my boys feel so much bigger to me now, almost like little men. As hard as I try to enjoy it all, all the crying, late nights, smiles, and milestones, time slips through my fingers and we keep moving forward. My mother told me, "If you think time moves fast now, wait until you are helping your children with their children. Then you will see how quickly time flies."


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